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Posted by Enzo on Dec 1 2011, 07:07 PM
Hey, the sites back up,

finaly getting access to the error logs now am home highlights this,

./domains/ Error: User db75291_ukstar already has more than 'max_user_connections' active connections

The configuration file for the database has been altered which might solve these issues, but its a 50/50, if it doesent il have to take the site down and consider my hosting options, eather purchasing a bigger MySQL Container. or going to a Dedicated virtual server, On my current Server i can have up to 60 active connections which is causing the problem..

Last post made by: TrisK on Dec 5 2011, 02:34 PM
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Posted by Nanglebadger on Nov 5 2011, 05:49 PM
Evening folk of UKSC!

As I said the other day, we need to being UKSC back as strongly as possible and one of the things that jumped out at me during the recent downtime was communication amongst the admin team and that it was the usual suspects involved in every discussion.

So, we agreed that some fresh faces were needed to liven things up a bit and to provide a more active Admin Team for UKSC.

Having discussed this with the rest of the team, I am very excited to announce that the following individuals have accepted an offer to become Moderators here on UKSC. I'm sure they are all known to the vast majority of our members and are considered as proper EP enthusiasts and UKSC to the core. Please help me welcome to the Moderator Team:

Ryan Lang

Daz gt turbz

LukeSR, and

Pandamonium (Mark).

The lads will all have a period in which to get a feel for the role and for their duties which Steve will assign to them in due course.

I am looking forward to working with the lads and I trust that everyone will give them the support they require and will be on their best behaviour so they dont have to flex their Moderator guns. These lads will be the eyes and ears of the Admin team along with the existing Moderators and will keep the Super Mods, Manager, Secretary and the Admin updated and informed as necessary!

I have nothing but faith in the guys!!!! All the best with your new roles gents!


Last post made by: niteryder84 on Nov 8 2011, 10:22 AM
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Posted by rob_bower on Nov 4 2011, 12:21 PM
Hou is now taking deposits for this guys so get your names down and deposits in to avoid dissapointment and secure your place!

even if your not getting your name down for some track action make sure you put the date in your diary and make this a great even for all!

Check HERE for more info!


Last post made by: rob_bower on Nov 4 2011, 12:21 PM
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Posted by Nanglebadger on Nov 3 2011, 07:09 PM
One of the most important points that has come from this recent unexpected downtime is that UKSC needs to come back as strongly as possible to safeguard our name, our identity, and the reputation that we have taken so long to establish.

With that in mind, there are a few projects, some big, some not so big, in the pipeline that we are keen to implement. Consider the downtime a bit of a kick up the arse to finish some things we have been meaning to do and tinkering at for a while now.

However, the admin team needs a little extra support to do that, and so we have made the decision to promote UKSC's resident chef Mr Bower from Moderator to Super Moderator. It may not mean a whole lot to some, but as a Super Mod Rob will help to support Geo, John, Steve and myself at a higher admin level.

I haven't quite figured out how it will all pan yet, but what brought us to this decision was Rob's commitment and dedication to information sharing during the recent down time. As soon as Rob discovered the problem he was straight on the blower to myself and the rest of the team. He helped to calm the situation and immediately spread the word wide and fast as soon as we had access to the boards again, hell he was the one who told me how to find it!!!!!

Rob will still fulfil his duties as a forum moderator, and JAE show representative and organiser, as well as being solely in charge of providing dining solutions to meet my needs when I venture to our... I mean his and Amy's love nest in Worksop, and for ensuring I am well alcoholed and fed at JAE if I ever get the chance to visit again.

A bit of a kick up the arse is needed for us admin after this incident, shouldn't be resting on yesterdays laurels, and this is the first step in the run-up to that kick in the pants.

So, please help me congratulate Rob on his sexy man ye!

Cheers all,


Last post made by: templar2007 on Nov 8 2011, 08:46 AM
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Posted by Enzo on Nov 2 2011, 06:26 PM
ok first off sorry to all that went cold turkey this week in regards to my site, unsure.gif

i have to put my hand up and say its my fault for letting the domain name expire, but i did not have any forwarning about it, could not premtively act anyway, as no replys were sent to my junk box as they were stating,
they are still being dicks about getting it back up but it should be back up at some point in the next two to 3 days. as soon as i will be moving my domain name to my hosting provider so it wont happen again.

in the mean time whilst the site was down i have used the time to kill two birds with one stone,
we have moved the fulll site over to another shared surver i have...

so we also have a temporary domain that you all have seen, (this was initialy for the scottish members)
this will be always mapped into uksc but we wont have full functionality until we get our own domain name back, (some links in sidbar wont work, we will be missing certian icons and images also aswell as images from the commerce shop)
once we have our old url back i will skin map the new one into the scottish section and make up stickers etc.

i dident actualy realise how important my site was to people till it actualy goes down for five days, my phone is on its last legs and people have been crying out from all over the county wandering whats going on, im just glad its back up as it as these past few days has been a rite ball ake.

makeing consesions to make sure this does not happen again and paying for 6 years hosting this time, aswell as mapping in a few other urls like a and a few others, its sort of a blessing in discuise. . .

if you have any suggestions for any new urls we can use (all the uksc ones are taken)
please note it down in this thread,

ps if if the site ever goes down for any other reason you can find out why and get live updates on our facebook page <---- please subscribe

sorry for any inconvienences caused peeps

Last post made by: _shaun_ on Nov 4 2011, 04:28 PM
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If your not aware. ukso is a clone of uksc, socks abused my trust, copied the uksc database onto his server then infected my site with a virous which i could not fix..

i gave up all hope but found a back up a year old which i could restore from...

no matter which way you look at this ul agree that this is wrong.. im not into competing with what is mine, especialy the illegality of it all.

if you know how i can take down ukso, or have information that can help me get what is writefully mine please send an email to

alternatively send a message on our facebook page

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